Food Safety Quiz Answers - 2020

1. How can you tell if food has enough bacteria to cause food poisoning?

It smells bad

It tastes bad

It smells, tastes and looks bad

You can’t tell. It smells, tastes and looks normal (correct)

2. Food in the Refrigerator must be kept at:

0ºC-5ºC (correct)





3. Plastic chopping boards are more hygienic than wooden ones

True (correct)


4. The maximum length of time that prepared foods may be held in the temperature danger zone is:

30 Minutes

2 Hours

4 Hours (correct)

1 Day

5. Hands should be washed with soap for at least:

10 Seconds

20 Seconds (correct)

6. Eating food after the ‘best before’ date won’t do you any harm:

True (correct)


7. When reheating cooked foods or cooking stuffed meat or poultry, the internal temperature should be at least:



75ºC (correct)


8. When cooling food how long do you have to get a food item from 60 degrees Celsius to 21 degrees Celsius?

1 Hour

2 Hours (correct)

3 Hours

As long as it takes

9. Cleaning and sanitising are the same thing


False (correct)

10. You are cooking chicken, how hot should the centre be?

65˚ C

67˚ C

70˚ C

75˚C (correct)

11. You have opened tomato sauce, where should you store this when not in use?

In the fridge or cold room (correct)

In a cupboard

In a freezer

On a shelf

12. You should wash chicken before cooking it

True - as this gets rid of bacteria

False - this can spread bacteria around the kitchen (correct)

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