Temperature Quiz Answers - 2020

1. What method(s) can you use to check/monitor and record the daily fridge temperatures is?

With a calibrated probe thermometer in a substance (e.g. water/lemon) stored in the fridge - Correct
A calibrated infrared thermometer - Correct
An automated system (not the display on the fridge) - Correct
Any or all of the above - Correct

2. The correct method used to test the temperature of cooked food is? (Can select 1 or more)

Test by inserting a cleaned and sanitised calibrated probe thermometer into the thickest part of the product and follow the time/temperature requirements and record in the ‘weekly’ or ‘every time’ monitoring records, - Correct
Cut the cooked product into 2 with the thickest part exposed, then check the temperature at the thickest part of the cooked product with a calibrated infrared thermometer and record in the ‘weekly’ or ‘every time’ monitoring records, - Correct

3. For food that has been kept between 5 and 60 degrees for a certain time, which of the following 2/4-hour rule requirements is correct?

Less than 2 hours – serve ready to eat food, or cook food to 75˚C, or put back in the fridge
Up to 4 hours – serve ready to eat food, or cook food to 75˚C
4 + hours – Throw away
All above are correct - Correct

4. What is the required 'safe zone' temperature for suitable storage of potentially hazardous food (food that must be stored in a fridge)?

5˚C or less - Correct

5. When checking a delivery, the food is tested and found to be at 6.9 ˚C.  What do you do next?

Ask the delivery person how long they have been on the road for/when they left the depot to check whether the food has been delivered within 2 hours (2/4-hour rule), if over 2 hours, send the food back and record, if within 2 hours, place into fridge asap and record - Correct

6. When reheating cooked foods or cooking stuffed meat or poultry, the internal temperature should be at least:

75ºC - Correct

7. Food in the chiller should be kept at what temperature?

0ºC-5ºC - Correct

8. Freshly cooked food must be cooled within the following requirements?

From 60ºC to 21ºC within 2 hours, then to 5˚C or less within the next four hours, and record the temperatures at both the 2-hour and 4-hour (6-hours in total) time frames in the FCP records and make the records available for review at verification's - Correct

9. How often should I record the temperatures for cooling freshly cooked food?

Every time I cook then cool and store food - Correct

10. If I am holding food at temperature

Temperatures needs to be checked every two hours and above 60ºC - Correct

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